Our Partners

Our Partners


TransJas for Translation & Linguistic Services (Jordan)

   TransJas, a leading translation company delivers accurate and high-quality translations for all types of documents (legal, medical, technical, financial, personal and others) and in all lengths. TransJas offers rapid, precise and reliable professional translation services.

Services (Translation, Interpretation, Proofreading, Copywriting, CV Writing)




IT Human Solutions (Saudi Arabia)

   ITHumanSolutions enables organizations to build and implement, organic business solutions, tailored to their practical requirements. Few businesses, implement single and standalone solutions that exist in the same format over numerous years without updating, modification or expansion.

Services (Training & Implementation, HR Consultancy, Delivery Options)




Infomatics Consultancy (Kuwait)

   Provides professional services such as, ISO consultancy and certification, smart building consultancy, information systems consultancy, information system audit, staff and operations outsourcing, training.





·          Translation

·          Interpretation

·          Proofreading

·          Copywriting

·          CV Writing