Write Arabic Numbers in Adobe photoshop ME

How to write arabic numbers in photoshop ME ?
a lot of you photoshop users come across this point and they find so stressfull that photoshop can not type Arabic numbers in the art work and they have to install photoshop plugins and so on…

Arabic numbers known in IT, Computer field as “Hindi numbers”, so if you are using adobe photoshop ME then your photoshop can type arabic numbers easy 

Please follow these easy steps to type arabic numbers in photoshop:-

  1. Open your photoshop document
  2. Click on “Character” from “Windows” on the top menu of photoshop
  3. Click on the little arrow that’s shown on the top right corner of the Character window as show up on the image.
  4. Then check “Hindi Number” on the list.

Now your photoshop can type arabic numbers so easy. Also, you might find other options on that list that might be handy for when you use photoshop.


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